Outotec solutions for energy production

Smarter, more efficient energy production

Whether you’re looking for technologies and services for renewable or conventional energy production, you can count on Outotec for the best solution.

Our combustion and gasification technologies can use a wide variety of fuels such as biomass, sludge, agricultural and industrial byproducts, and sorted municipal waste.

We also offer solutions for oil winning from oil shale and sustainable phosphorus recycling from sewage sludge ash. Our energy solutions provide high levels of energy efficiency and recovery of recyclable materials.

As a full solution provider, we can support your project by delivering the Boiler Island or the entire power plant as EPC delivery.

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Outotec fluidized bed technologies for energy

  • Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) Boilers
    Typical capacity range
    20 – 300 MWth
    70 – 1020 MBtu/h
  • Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) Gasifiers
    Typical capacity range
    < 200 MWth
    < 680  MBtu/h
  • Sewage Sludge Incineration Plants
    Typical capacity range
    > 30.000 tpa
  • Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boilers
    Typical capacity range:
    < 600 MWth
    < 2050 MBtu/h 




Wide variety of fuels

With Outotec energy solutions you can use a wide range of fuels, ensuring greater operational variance. As well as conventional fuels such as coal and oil shale, our energy solutions can use fuels as diverse as agricultural waste, municipal solid waste, wood waste, industrial and municipal sludge, plastic, and tires.

Click the fuels below to open a detailed list.

Industry leading delivery scope

Our solutions cover the entire chain of fuel or waste material conversion into energy, so you can maximize the lifecycle value. Services range from early project development studies to complete turnkey solutions, ensuring optimal capacity, availability and quality.

Outotec energy delivery scope

Our technology portfolio includes energy solutions for the entire flue gas path with the following technologies in-house:

  • Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) or Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boilers or gasifiers
  • Selective Non Catalytic Reaction (SNCR)
  • Electro Static Precipitator (ESP)/ Bag house
  • Flue Gas Cleaning (FGC)/ Scrubber
  • Ash handling
  • Effluent handling

 We offer additional technologies that can be included in energy solutions, depending on the scope:

  • Water treatment
  • Grinding mills
  • Mixers

Outotec lifecycle solutions provide support for the execution of the energy project, as well as Operational & Maintenance services for the entire lifetime of the plant, with guarantees.

Outotec services - boost your performance and productivity

As your service partner, Outotec is firmly committed to understanding your business needs. We collaborate with you to develop a safe, sustainable, and reliable service solution based on our deep process knowledge, leading technologies, and operation and maintenance expertise. Our tailored service solution will help you achieve a step change in business performance throughout your plant’s entire life cycle.

A service partner with exactly the right scope for your business needs

Our extensive service portfolio and customized solutions cover all phases of your plant’s life cycle, and our service scope is always tailored to meet your unique business challenges. Your service solution will be delivered with mutually agreed targets and shared responsibilities to meet your long-term goals. We can build solutions for individual projects or based on broader service agreements.

Full service portfolio

  • Advisory Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Operations Services
  • Remote Services
  • Spare and Wear Parts
  • Training Services
  • Upgrades

Read more about our service offering.

Outotec energy services

World-class test facilities at your service

Our test facilities were built to test various fuels, including different types of biomass, tires, municipal and paper sludge, carpet scraps, garbage and industrial plastics as well as coal, oil shale, semi-coke and other difficult fuels to optimize the boiler design.

BFB Coeur d’Alene test facility

Outotec test facilities Coeur d'AleneOutotec owns and operates a 3.0 MBtu/hour (0.9 MW) (nominal HHV output) combustor and a 3.0 MBtu/hour (0.9 MW) (nominal HHV) gasifier pilot scale atmospheric, bubbling type fluidized bed system in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
The combustion fluidized bed pilot unit contains 0.8m2 (9 ft2) of bed area and 7.9m (26 ft) of freeboard above the nozzles.

Seven sets of overfire air ports penetrate the refractory of the freeboard space, with each set housing eight individual ports. Each set of overfire air ports is individually controlled and may be used to inject atmospheric air, flue gas recirculation (FGR), and/or reagents for selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) NOX abatement. 

For staged combustion studies, a refractory choke is installed to reduce the bed size to an area of 25-100mm x 25-100mm (1”-4” x 1”-4”). This “choked” (or reduced) bed allows for gasification modeling of the fuel within the bed and staged combustion in the vapor space.

CFB Frankfurt test facility

Outotec test facilities FrankfurtIn experimental R&D we can perform tests with your feed materials to demonstrate the performance of our technologies and their applicability to particular raw materials.

This includes process steps such as combustion, gasification, charring, pyrolysis, cooling and drying of solid fuels. The knowledge and data acquired is further applied in process and plant design.

Pilot scale equipment

For initial studies we start with a small-scale approach, using laboratory equipment and material analysis. Progressing to larger scales, we have an extensive set of mid-scale fluidized bed pilot plants available (80mm  (3”) CFB, 185mm (7”) CFB reactor, 200mm  (8”) CFB reactor, 250mm (10”) CFB reactor).

Our test equipment set-up is completed by a semi-industrial 700 mm  (27,5”) CFB reactor, operated up to 1050°C (1922°F) and 1,5 MWth (5,1 MBtu/hour).

Oil Winning Frankfurt test facility

Outotec assay

The Outotec assay is a modified and improved Fischer assay, specializing in oil winning applications. It is a laboratory scale batch test that allows for the prediction of oil, gas and coke yield pyrolising substances, such as oil shale, containing organic carbon.

Enefit bench scale plant

An oil shale bench scale rotary kiln unit is used for primary testing of different oil shales.

The Enefit bench scale plant includes solid heat carrier heat-up, a pyrolis unit and a gas cleaning unit consisting of hot de-dusting, oil condensation and a product gas flare. The Enefit Bench has an oil shale throughput of up to 15 kg/h (33 lb/hr).

The scale plant provides access to key data necessary for the basic design of new shale oil winning plants. Tests have been performed with oil shales from Estonia, Jordan, USA and China. 

Enefit pilot plant

The Enefit pilot plant can process approximately 300 kg/h  (660 lb/hr) of oil shale feed and produce larger amounts of shale oil samples. This allows semi-coke combustion and solid heat carrier production to run simultaneously and continuously.

The oil shale batches are tested for yield, oil quality, solids behavior and ash characteristics. The pilot plant also allows for testing different set-ups of the condensation section. Tests have been performed with oil shales from Estonia and USA.

Outotec WtE BFB Boiler

If you need to generate energy and dispose of solid or liquid by-products, Outotec bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology is an environmentally favorable, proven solution. Our long experience in developing solutions for a wide variety of applications, combined with the favorable characteristics of fluidized bed combustion, makes us the leader in providing environmentally sound waste disposal solutions.

This means you can convert industrial waste products – such as pulp and paper rejects, lignin from ethanol production or even chicken manure – into electricity and heat/steam.

The typical Outotec capacity range for BFBs is 20-300 MWth (70-1020 MBtu/h).

Watch our video showing the construction of a turnkey combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Turkey. The power plant is based on Outotec fluidized bed technology and uses by-products, such as paper sludge, biological sludge and paper rejects to produce steam for electricity production and for the paper production.



Outotec continues to pioneer and develop fluidized bed technology for a variety of fuels. These proven technologies offer you solutions for a number of applications, depending on fuel and other project requirements.

All our Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) gasifiers feature the Outotec proprietary bed drawdown and recirculation systems. With more than 100 BFB references, these ensure safe operation with a broad selection of fuels.

Depending on your need and fuel characteristics, Outotec offers two BFB gasifier technologies:

Outotec BFB Gasifier produces low or medium BTU gas from solid or liquid fuels, to be further used in other processes as raw materials or to replace other fuels needed in the processes.

Outotec Advanced Staged Gasifier produces steam from solid fuels by combining the benefits of a gasifier and staged combustion of the gas.

Outotec Advanced Staged Gasifier Outotec BFB Gasifier
 Outotec Advanced Staged Gasifier  Outotec BFB Gasifier



The most advanced thermal treatment systems available

When you choose an Outotec sewage sludge incineration solution, you can be sure of an industry-leading thermal treatment system, thanks to our long history in bubbling and circulating fluidized technology.

Typically, a state-of-the-art fluidized bed Sewage Sludge Incineration Plant operates as a self-sustained process, without external fuel. It can produce a surplus of electrical power or heat and complies with all emission standards (EN 2000/76).

Outotec sludge boiler

Key process steps include:

  • Receiving and storage
  • Partial pre-drying
  • Thermal treatment
  • Boiler and turbine system
  • De-dusting
  • Scrubber and condensing system
  • Mercury filter
  • ASH DEC phosphate recycling system

Ash treatment that gives you more options

The ASH DEC (ASH DEContamination) process perfectly complements our existing Waste-, Sludge- and Biomass-to-Energy conversion solutions, based on fluidized bed technology. Installing ASH DEC as an ash treatment solution enables you to use the most accessible and efficient fuels, regardless of their heavy metal content.

The process closes critical metal- and nutrient cycles by turning waste (ash) into a raw material or directly into a product. As long as the product value does not exceed the process costs, this saves expenditure on landfill disposal and facilitates the separate storage of materials that may become scarce and expensive in the foreseeable future.

The application of this process is not limited to ash. A process variation was successfully tested for removing cadmium from phosphate rock, and many other applications are conceivable.

ASH DEC can be implemented in any kind of thermal conversion plant. We offer this process in different versions, which are perfectly adapted to feedstock and products, as well as legal and environmental framework conditions.

Our typical services for ash treatment:

  • Project studies
  • Process optimization and test work
  • Technology customizing
  • Ash and mineral concentrates decontamination plants
  • Fertilizer manufacturing plants
  • Manufacturing licenses
  • Service solutions for the plant’s entire lifetime

ASH DEC complements our technology portfolio by offering a solution for ash decontamination or phosphorus recovery, and can be integrated as part of an Outotec sludge treatment plant.

High efficiency, low emissions

Outotec has a long history of developing and commercializing circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology for metallurgical solutions. In the 1980s we began developing energy production based on CFB combustion as well as CFB gasification.

A recent application for CFB is the deployment of oil winning from oil shale. The typical Outotec capacity range for CFBs is up to 600 MWth (2050 MBtu/h).

Outotec Circulating Fluidized Bed technology applications:

 Outotec CFB Boiler         Outotec CFB Gasifier
Outotec CFB Boiler    Outotec CFB Gasifier


Expertise across the value chain

Choose Outotec for expertise that covers the entire chain of oil extraction, from oil shale and similar hydrocarbon-containing materials, with energy-efficient and environmentally neutral processes. Due to ever-shrinking conventional natural resources, unconventional fossil fuel sources such as oil shale or oil sand and their development are being revisited in terms of what they offer for the long-term future.

 In 2009, Outotec and Eesti Energia launched Enefit Outotec Technology, a joint venture to develop a sustainable, energy-efficient and economically viable oil shale processing solution – “Enefit Technology”.

Our innovative technologies, combined with Enefit’s long operational experience, provide the path to optimized solutions and complete plants for producing unconventional oil. Enefit Outotec Technology provides beneficiation, oil winning and energy-efficient processing, and avoids hazardous waste streams. It offers complete plant solutions and plant optimization for processing oil shale and other hydrocarbon-bearing materials.

The first next-generation plant in Estonia, called Enefit280, was completed in 2012.